Minolta, born in Japan in 1928 as cameras manufacturer, in the course of the years has widened its branches of activities, arriving to produce office systems, photographic products and technologies for photometry and colorimetry, up to make itself known as leader firm in optical instruments and office systems production. So, in a few years' time, Minolta has become one of the few firms in Information Technology field in the position to propose complete solutions for informations input, elaboration, reproduction and print.  


Cuccolini Srl

Cuccolini Srl, founded in 1946, is the first Italian manufacturer of vibrating sieves, becoming the market leader with more than 2500 machines produced and sold every year. Its wide range of products has been expressedly thought and designed for screening, refining and iron removing glaze, fluids and powders.

Simac Srl

Simac Srl, founded in 1977 to work in the ceramics / raw materials sector. It strengthened its presence on the market thanks to its enthusiast and innovation-oriented organization. Its products, tintometers - colorimetry - press systems - mobile containers - mould motion systems, are solid all over the world, and ensure quality, reliability and versatility.