There are places or small areas that with time have developed economies and such a high standard of living that cannot be compared to many other places in the world. One of these areas is the Biella area located in north-western Italy at the foot of the highest alpine peaks and set in the industrial triangle where more than one third of the Italian economy is concentrated.



Biella, which is one of the most important and highly specialized centres of woollen industry in the world, represents an important part of its cadre, projected towards a world market. Consequently, the great importance of the textile industry in this area has favoured the growth and continuous development of the industry producting textile machinery. A counterpoise for a hand-loom dating back to the primitive Celtic Era has been found in Biella, confirming the thousand year old origin of the art of crafting wool. In more recent times, exactly in 1817, the first mechanized wool industrial plant in Italy was founded by Pietro Sella in Vallemosso.   


Today the experience of textile machinery producers is not only confined to wool, but ranges from various diverse raw materials to the last generation of artificial fibres. This experience also comes from a daily relationship with the textile firms located in Biella. The firms producing textile machinery in the Biella area realize that they are competitive at the highest levels of the world markets. They know that they are not only mere suppliers, but they can bring the textile industry their own unique experience based on deep roots in the past with an eye on the future.



In this context Iride Centre s.r.l. was born in 1976 and took its first steps in the field of colour matching on behalf of third party, to become then the major and most important collaborator of the most famous society in the world producing colour matching software. In 1990 the firm has opened a new office near Como, world-famous centre of silk, to produce on its own a new colour matching software called Iride-Prisma, into which all the experience accumulated in these years in dyeing and printing houses has been poured, to offer to customers an even-better technical help. Moreover the firm is also oriented to the field of technical advice in the sector of textile laboratories, both chemical and technological. For this purpose the firm builds those kinds of equipments which the market doesn't offer, and commercializes whatever kind of equipments which are necessary to its customers.