About us

There are places, small areas, which have developed over time an economic capacity and a quality of life so important that they have very few comparisons in the world. One of these places is the Biella area, in the north west of Italy, at the foot of the highest peaks of the Alps within that industrial triangle where one third of the Italian economy is concentrated.

In this context, the Iride Center was born in 1976, which took its first steps in the field of instrumental color receiving for third parties, soon becoming the largest and most important collaborator of the most famous company producing world colorimetry software.

In the 90s we opened a new office in Como for the development of a new colorimetry software on our own where all the experience of Dyeing and Stamperia accumulated over the years has been poured out. We have also oriented ourselves towards technical-application consultancy and the production of equipment in the field of chemical and technological textile laboratories.

Since 2002, with the growing boom of the ceramic industry, we have developed ad hoc for this industry becoming a reference point for the entire industry worldwide with continuous technological updates.

Our software

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Irideprisma is the generic description of our market-leading software, developed and declined on the specificities of different industries, from textiles to ceramics, from manufacturers of dyes to other sectors.
It is an all-inclusive feature library, expandable and customizable based on specific requirements of our partners.

Equipment and laboratories

Laboratory instruments and equipment and related consumables for the physical and chemical control of textile products according to the most important international standards

Textile quality control instruments: fibers, yarns and fabrics

Consulting and university

Thanks to the consolidated presence and knowledge of the sector since 1976, we also operate as a consulting agency in the textile, clothing and accessories field.
For any customer who intends to approach, evolve and improve, it is important to have a reference partner and a guide at any moment of the company life cycle.