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Consultancy in the textile and ceramic industry

With more than 40 years running the company, I have acquired the competence and esteem of the most important players in the various sectors for which I operate successfully, making this baggage available to those who deem it necessary.

How can we help you

With ascertained qualification in the matter, we advise and assist our clients in carrying out projects, providing or implementing information, opinions or solutions through their know-how and their problem solving skills.

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Development plans

Technological and infrastructure improvements

Coaching in the reference industries

Technological innovation

Develop ideas and structured plans

Creation of value chains


Inefficiency reduction

Technological improvement

Theory and practical applications

Technical and architectural implementations

Flows and processes


Technological improvement



Often called to lecture in chemical and textile study courses, I am not a teacher. Army research and teaching activities in the field of academic education.

I study and teach the subject in which I am an expert and I participate in research projects as well as I carry out the role of tutor in the drafting of empirical degree theses.

The activities further expand helping research, innovation and technology transfer.

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