Cod. LSVDRL711 / D

LSVDRL 711D agitator


The orbital rotary oscillation plate shaker is suitable for micro flocculation reactions, latex tests, cell cultures, electrophoresis strip discoloration, etc.

Stabilized electronic speed regulation from 50 to 250 oscillations per minute (in steps of 1 / min., 10 / min. Or 100 / min.).

Amplitude oscillations 32 mm.

Possibility of continuous or preset operation from 1 to 999 minutes.

Storage of 4 separate programs of time and speed values.

Worktop in non-slip material on which it is possible to place a universal stainless steel basket to house and fix flasks and glasses of various sizes. Worktop dimensions 26 × 36 cm. Maximum load weight on the work surface 5 kg.


  • Universal stainless steel basket to fix flasks, glasses, bottles etc. 26x36x10 h. cm .. Adjustable sliders Ø 1 × 19 cm.

Weight: 15 kg.

Dimensions: 30x48x20 h. cm.

Power supply: 220 Vac, 50Hz, single phase

Reference standards: CEI EN 61010-1: 2011