Technical Information

For checking the hardness of bobbins and spools.

Measurement scale: 0-100 degrees "Shore"; complete with device for pressure control.

Available in the following versions:

  • HP 2,5 for synthetic threads Cod. ME255A
  • HP 5 for cotton and wool threads Cod. ME255B

To check the hardness of the Subbi for frames, flat-base models are also available:

  • HP 2,5 F for synthetic threads Cod. ME255E
  • HP 5 F for cotton and wool threads Cod. ME255D

A special model for checking the hardness of the rubber is also available:

HP SA with scale 0-100 degrees "Shore A" Cod. ME255F

Weight: 0,3 kg.

Dimensions: 5x5x11 h. cm.