Code COS1500E, COS3000E

COS1500E 3000E


Table devices with xenon lamp for accelerated tests of resistance to sunlight, designed for flooding cycles to simulate rain, of plastics, textiles, paints, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc.

Luminaires supplied complete with:

  • microprocessor control panel.
  • 4-line 20-character LCD display.
  • controlled and monitored irradiation.
  • black body temperature controlled and monitored up to 1.000 W / m².
  • storage of 15 test conditions, free programming.
  • full report of test conditions from RS 232 serial interface.
  • 20 × 28 cm removable horizontal sample holder. (COS1500E), 20 × 42 cm. (COS3000E)


  • programmable system for cyclic immersion of samples with demineralized water to simulate rain-sun cycles.
  • programmable system + water temperature control.
  • test room humidity and temperature display.
  • magnetic stirrer for mixing liquid samples during the test.
  • water-cooled sample holder to lower the temperature of the specimens.
  • software to transfer test data to PC in Excel format + software for re-calibration.
  • UV filters that cut the light emitted by the xenon lamp:
  • Long-lasting soda-lime UV glass filter that simulates outdoor exposure.
  • Long-lasting soda-lime UV glass filter that simulates exposure behind window glass.
  • Long-lasting soda-lime glass UV filter that simulates outdoor exposure with IR treatment to reduce infrared radiation.
  • Long-lasting soda-lime UV glass filter that simulates exposure behind IR-treated window glass to reduce infrared radiation
  • refrigerator that sends refrigerated air at 7 ° C to the chamber, controlled by the temperature regulator; recommended for testing of heat sensitive materials such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.
  • Portable battery-powered UV multimeter (radiometer and thermometer) with interchangeable sensors:
  • UV sensor 295–400 nm. broadband connection.
  • UV sensor 340 nm. narrow band.
  • UV sensor 420 nm. narrow band.
  • illuminance sensor, full scale 200.000 Lux.

○ BST black body temperature sensor.

Weight: 30 kg. (COS1500E), 32 kg. (COS3000E)

Dimensions: 75x39x40 h. cm. (COS1500E), 89x39x40 h. cm. (COS3000E)

Power supply: 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, single phase

Reference standards: ISO, ASTM, SAE, CEN, DIN, BS, UNI